Solving equations

Linear equations Topic Icon
Linear equations

September 29, 2021

A linear equation can be written in different ways. An equation containing two variables x and y is said to form a linear equation in two variables. The highest degree of both the variables x and y in the equation is 1.

Solving quadratics by factorising Topic Icon
Solving quadratics by factorising

September 29, 2021

A quadratic equation is a polynomial equation of degree of order 2. ax^2 + bx + c is the general form of a quadratic polynomial. If we equate this polynomial to zero, we get a quadratic equation. The general form of a quadratic equation is ax^2 + bx + c = 0.

Simultaneous equations 1 Topic Icon
Simultaneous equations 1

September 28, 2021

A simultaneous equation is where two algebraic expressions (typically in terms of x and y) intersect with each other. When you solve for a simultaneous equation, you are solving for both x and y. And they are co-ordinates.  

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