Ratio and proportion

Application of speed, distance and time Topic Icon
Application of speed, distance and time

September 21, 2021

Speed, distance and time problems are interesting because they often describe simple situations which people confuse with the wrong formulas. It is also important that in these types of questions, the objects move at constant or average speeds in speed, distance and time scenarios.

How to solve and apply ratios Topic Icon
How to solve and apply ratios

September 20, 2021

The ratio of a set of numbers is a tool used in comparing two or more values. Sometimes we need to compare two quantities of the same type. So, the comparison by division method makes calculation easier than comparing by finding out the difference.

Inverse proportions Topic Icon
Inverse proportions

September 20, 2021

Inverse proportions describes the relationship where when one thing gets bigger, something else gets smaller. For instance, the alarm of an ambulance becomes louder as it approaches you and calmer as it goes farther away. That means if the distance between you and the ambulance is small, then the sound of the alarm of the ambulance heard will be loud.

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