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Pick your lessons.
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Get personalised questions.
Focusing on reinforcing your strengths & understanding your weaknesses.
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View actionable insights
Including reports and notes.
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In Class Diagnostic

  • Use as a pre or post test during class
  • Gauge how your class understands content
  • Track their improvements and be notified of any missing gaps
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Homework & Revision

  • Students revise questions of topics caught in class
  • Each learner moves at their own pace to mastery
  • Follow student progress
  • View challenging or interesting questions that class goes through
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Individual Use

  • Evaluate your content with QuickSense
  • Check understanding of key concepts
  • Prepare with exam-styled with questions
  • Parents can be informed where their child might be struggling, if more help is required

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Built for students, teachers & educators

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Content for Years 9 - 13

Subjects specifically made for NCEA and Cambridge Curriculum

Over 3,000 questions for each course, with unique step by step explanations.

  • Curriculum Aligned
  • Unique Explanations for each Question
  • Real Life Cases & Examples
  • Exam Styled Content
  • Notes & Tips
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General Science
General Science
Business Studies
Business Studies

Students who used QuickSense saw a 22% increase in scores

All our findings, solutions and implementations are backed by research.

Compared with control groups, we saw student test scores increase from an average of 54% to 76% when using QuickSense. Results ranged between an 20 - 46% absolute increase in test scores.

This is after running studies across several schools in New Zealand.

That's the difference between receiving a C grade vs a B+.

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How we make your school life easier

Save time. No marking or administration

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Automate the tedious parts of learning. Leave marking and manually assigning work in the past.

We'll guide you on where to start studying

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The hardest part of learning is starting. We take that pain away. See results immediately.

Know your strengths & weaknesses before your test or exam

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Data insights, worked examples and notes help you pinpoint where to improve.

Loved by students, teachers and parents

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An All-in-one solution - packed with all you need for 21st century learning

Content is prioritised to each student. Struggling concepts come first. Then content to reinforce their strengths.
Results Driven
Results Driven
QuickSense has shown to increase test scores by over 20%. Everything is backed by research.
Mastery Learning
Mastery Learning
We guide students to master topics. It gets easier or harder with progression. Struggling students receive notes and tips to fill missing gaps.
Teacher Dashboard & Analytics
Teacher Dashboard & Analytics
Track progression with real time data, which allows you to follow your strength and weaknesses.
Formative Assessment
Formative Assessment
See gaps in students learning after each quiz. Be able to track their progress in-class with POST or PRE testing.
Curriculum Aligned    NCEA & Cambridge
Curriculum Aligned NCEA & Cambridge
Created specifically to help within the New Zealand curriculum. Content is tailored for NCEA and Cambridge.
Use Anywhere, Anytime
Use Anywhere, Anytime
QuickSense is cloud based. You can do your work anywhere and on any device.
Beautiful and Easy to Use
Beautiful and Easy to Use
It's easy to get started with QuickSense. Over 5,000+ students have said our platform is clean and easy to use.
Email Reports & Reminders
Email Reports & Reminders
Stay up to date with your learning, as we send weekly updates on how you or your class is progressing.
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